Research and Development Incentives

The IRS and many states provide research and development credits to attract new businesses and to keep existing businesses within their jurisdictions. A company developing a new product or improving its current business using technology would likely qualify for credits regardless of industry. Hito provides comprehensive credit studies and audit support in order to optimize your R&D credits.


First, we evaluate R&D activities within the company and identify all sources of Qualifying Research Expenses (QREs). Next, we analyze the benefits and risks of claiming R&D credits. Finally, we provide the credit estimate and subsequent work plan. 

Analysis & Documentation

This phase begins with an in-depth review, analysis, and documentation of the credit claim. Next, calculations to support federal and/or state credit claims are performed. Finally, audit-ready documents are reviewed and compiled. 


Strategies to further maximize future credit opportunities are presented using a various techniques such as "stratified QRE risk analysis" and supporting information. Audit and appeal defense is also provided when needed.

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